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    本文摘要:51. My uncle is quite worn out from years of hard work. He is no longer the man ___ he wasfifteen years ago.A. whichB. w... ...

    51. My uncle is quite worn out from years of hard work. He is no longer the man ___ he was

    fifteen years ago.

    A. which

    B. whom

    C. who

    D. that

    解析: 本题考察定语从句的用法。关系代词在定语从句中做表语时,无论指人还是指物,都

    只能用 that,不用 which,且 that 也可以省略。故选D。再如:

    China is not the country (that) it was. 中国不是从前的那个国家。

    Mary is no longer the girl (that) she used to be. 玛丽不是过去的那个女孩了。

    worn out 疲惫不堪的 ;精疲力竭的

    52. Which of the following sentence is a command (命令) ?

    A. Beg your pardon. (请你原谅)

    B. Have a good time.

    C. Never do that again.

    D. What noise you are making.


    53. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates purpose (目的) ?

    A. She said it for fun, but others take her seriously.

    B. For all its effort, the team didn ’t win the match.

    C. Linda has worked for the firm for twenty years.

    D. He set out for Beijing yesterday.

    解析: 本题考察四个介词短语的用法,

    显然选 A。注意:B 选项中的 for all 是一个复合介词,意思是“尽管” ,表示让步。

    54. When you have finished with the book, don ’t forget to return it to Tom, ___?

    A. do you

    B. will you

    C. don’t you

    D. won ’t you

    解析:本题考察反义疑问句的用法。我们知道,在否定的陈述句后面用will you? ,故选 B。

    55. In phrases like freezing cold, burning hot, soaking wet, the present participle



    used as ___.

    A. as a command(命令)

    B. as a condition (条件)

    C. for concession(让步)

    D. for emphasis (强调)


    56. Which of the italicized phrase is INCORRECT?

    A. The city is now ten times its original size.

    B. I wish I had two times his strength.

    C. The seller asked for double the usual price.

    D. They come here four times every year.

    解析:本题考察倍数表达法。 答案是 B。在英语中, 两倍的表达是twice,三倍以上才是 three,

    four, five --- times 。

    57. It is not so much the language ___ the cultural background that makes the book difficult to


    A. as

    B. nor

    C. but

    D. like


    not so much A as B(与其说是 A,不容说是 B)的用法。故选A 。

    58. Which of the following italicized parts is used as an object?

    A. What do you think has happened to her?

    B. Who do you think the visiting professor is?

    C. How much do you think he earns every month?

    D. How quickly would you say he would come?


    how much 做宾语,故选 C。

    59. The additional work will take ___ weeks.

    A. the other B. another two C. other two D. the more

    解析:本题考察another 的用法,这个词一般修饰单数名词,但也可修饰表示一个整体的复

    数名词。故选 B。

    60. Which of the following italicized parts is a subject clause (主语从句) ?

    A. We are quite certain that we will get there in time.

    B. He has to face the fact that there will be no pay rise this year.

    C. She said that she had seen the man earlier that morning.

    D. It is sheer luck that the miners are still alive after ten days.

    解析:本题考察名词从句用法,正确答案是D。在本句中的, It 做形式主语, that 引导的从句做真正的主语。

    61. It ’s getting late. I ’d rather you ___ now.

    A. left

    B. leave

    C. are leaving

    D. will leave


    I’d rather 后面的从句须用虚拟式,若指现在,用一般过去时,若指过去,用过去完成时。正确答案是A。

    62. In the sentence “The manager interviewed Jim himself in the morning ” the italicized word

    is used to modify ___.

    A. the object B. the verb C. the subject D. the prepositional phrase

    解析:本题考察反身代词的用法。题干中的himself 显然是强调主语the manager,故选 C.

    63. There is no doubt ___ the couple did the right thing in coming back home earlier than plannd.

    A. whether

    B. that

    C. why

    D. when

    解析:本题考查 doubt 的一个用法, 它后面一般跟由that 引导的同位语从句。 正确答案是B。

    64. The sentence that expresses OFFER is ___

    A. I ’ll get some drinks. What ’ ll you have?

    B. Does she need to book a ticket now?

    C. May I know your name?

    D. Can you return the book next week?


    65. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates a subject-predicate relation?

    A. Mr. Smith ’s passport has been issued.

    B. The visitor ’s arrival was reported in the news.

    C. John’s travel details have not been finalized.

    D. The new bookstore sells children ’s stories.

    解析:本题考察名词所有格所表达的逻辑关系,正确答案是 B,因为其他选项表示所属关系。

    66. Our office has recently ___ to a new computer system.

    A. altered B. converted C. transformed D. modified

    解析:本题考察convert 的用法,正确答案是B。convert 一般用作及物动词,与into 搭配使用,例如: The hotel is going to be converted into a nursing home. 那家旅馆将被改建为私人疗养院。但是本题考的却是它作为不及物动词的用法,意思是“改用,转变”,常与 to 搭配使用,例如: The subsidies are to enable farmers to convert to organic production methods. 补贴是为了让农民改用有机生产的方法。

    altere 改变,更改。 converte①(使 )改变 ;更改 ;(使)转变②改造,改装 (车辆或设备 )。modify 修


    67. The crowd went ___ as soon as the singer stepped onto the stage.

    A. wild B. emotional C. uncontrolled D. unrestricted

    解析:本题考察形容词wild 的一个用法,即go wild ,欣喜若狂。

    68. Our school library is ___ closed for repairs.

    A. shortly B. quickly C. temporarily D. rapidly


    69. John is up to his eyes in work at the moment. The underlined part means ___.

    A. very excited B. very busy C. very tired D. very efficient

    解析:本题考察短语be up to one’s eyes的用法,正确答案是B。

    这个短语的意思可以类比be up to one’s ears(深陷 ---之中)猜测出来。

    70. Victoria bumped into her brother quite by chance in the supermarket. The underlined word

    means ___.

    A. risk B. opportunity C. probability D. luck

    解析:本题考察短语by chance(偶然)的用法,故选C。

    probability 可能性;或然性

    probably 大概,很可能。

    71. “Look at those pretty girls ’ skirts” is ___ because it is not clear whether the girls or the

    skirts are “pretty”.

    A. ambiguous B. hidden C. indirect D. indistinct


    A(歧义的;模棱两可的) 。indistinct ( 看、听 )

    不清楚的 ;模糊的 ;难以清楚辨认的。 indirect 间接的

    72. House repairs, holidays, school fees and other ___ have reduced his bank balance to almost


    A. amount

    B. payment

    C. expenses

    D. figures

    解析:本题考察四个名词,正确答案是C(开支)。payment 付款,支付;报酬,报答。 figure 数字; 算术; 图解; 轮廓。

    73. It was really ___ of you to remember my birthday.

    A. grateful B. thoughtful C. considerable D. generous

    解析:本题考察四个形容词,正确答案是B(体贴的)。thoughtful 沉思的; 体贴的; 缜密思考过的,深思熟虑的。considerable 相当大(或多)的; 该注意的,应考虑的。considerate 体贴的,体谅的;深思熟虑。

    74. You can go to a travel agency and ask for a holiday ___.

    A. introduction B. advertisement C. book D. brochure


    75. The city government is building more roads to ___ the increasing number of cars.

    A. accommodate

    B. receive

    C. accept D. hold

    解析:本题考察四个动词, 正确答案是 A。accommodate 最常见的意思是 “向 --- 提供住宿”,


    to provide enough space for sth / sb (容纳),例如: Are there enough shelves to accommodate all our books? 有足够的书架容纳我们所有的书吗?

    76. They’ve lifted a two-year-long economic ___ on the country.

    A. enclose B. restriction C. blockade D. prohibition

    解析:本题考察四个名词, 正确答案是 C。blockade 的意思是“封锁”,常用于短语 lift a blockade

    on(解除对 ---的封锁)和 impose a blockade on(对 --- 实行封锁)。blockade 封锁; 障碍物。

    impose 强加; 征税;以…欺骗。

    77. Everyone is surprised that she has fallen out with her boyfriend. The underlined part means


    A. left B. quarreled C. attacked D. defeated

    解析:本题考察短语fall out with sb (与某人吵嘴) ,故选 B。defeate 击败,战胜

    78. His plan is carefully prepared and full of details, so it is a very ___ one.

    A. elaborate B. refined C. ambitious D. complex

    解析:本题考察四个形容词,正确答案是A (详尽的)。

    elaborate 复杂的; 精心制作的;(结构)复杂的; 精巧的。 complex 复杂的;合成的。

    ambitious 有雄心的;有野心的;有抱负的;炫耀的。

    79. The girl ’s voice was so low that we could ___ hear her.

    A. seldom B. almost C. only D. barely



    80. She must have been pretty ___ to fall for such an old trick.

    A. interested B. gullible C. enthusiastic D. shrewd

    解析: 本题考察四个形容词, 正确答案是 B(容易上当受骗的) 。gullible 易受骗的, 轻信的。

    shrewd 精明的,敏锐的;奸诈的,狡猾的



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